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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Instagram To Use Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Blocking Offensive comments

Instagram is introducing an enhanced comment filter meant to remove all nasty remarks using AI(Artificial Intelligence). Last September, The app began offering a comment filter, but it was a very simple approach: any comment that contained words and phrases it had specifically identified as offensive was removed automatically by Instagram. (Users could also add their own custom banned phrases.)

Now, the system is getting a lot smarter. It uses machine learning to identify comments that seem offensive, giving the system some ability to take into account the reply’s context, potentially catching more bad comments and cutting down on false positives at the same time.

but there is another notable change: Instagram is turning the offensive comment filter on by default, whereas the earlier filter had to be enabled. 

You’ll still be given the option to turn it off from inside the app’s settings, and Instagram still includes the ability to block custom words and phrases.

The filter only works in English at launch, but Instagram says it’s working to expand it to other languages “over time.”

This could just be the end to savagery that is trending all over social media. What do you think about this new feature of instagram.

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