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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Reason Why Nigerian Comedian Ogus Baba Calls Sahara Reporters Fake

The Nigerian prince of fun Ogus Papa have took to his Instagram page and call the well known Sahara reporters fake. This happened sometime after Sahara reports published a news in their website that the comedian says the governor of delta state is not entertainment friendly.

The news that appeared in the Sahara report website have the following heading
"Nigerian Comedian, Ogus Baba Takes Gov Okowa To The Cleaners, Says Not Entertainment friednly".

The Niger Mock news presenter didn't take this likely as he took to his Instagram Page this morning calling Sahara reporters a fake media. in his words, the comedian said "Sahara Reporters the fake media in Donald Trumps voice, Make una go learn work from NMN(Niger Mock News), i'm just a comedian my name is ogusbaba the prince of fun I DON GO #fakenews #saharareportes.

 Picture Of Ogusbaba Response to Sahara reporters News above

The media always have a way to set feud between celebrities but creating a feud between a comedian and a politician, that is way off the line and the prince of fun won't take it.

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