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Saturday, 14 October 2017

5 Manchester United players to watch against Liverpool and why

With the big match of the Day set to kick off any moment from now. Here are 5 Manchester United player to watch against Liverpool.

Manchester United has become a team known as the 4:0 team. Why? The reason is very simple. Since the beginning of the season, Manchester United has shown us that winning below 4:0 is not their calling. So here are the five players to watch today.

1. The Goal Machine: Romelu Lukaku has become a vital player to the youthful Manchester United team. Jose Mourinho did made the right choice to go after this young goal scoring machine. Romelu Lukaku is a player to watch today against Liverpool. We won't be surprised if he finds the back of the net once again.

2. F.C Martial: Anthony Martial is the name but his dedicated fans call him F.C Martial. No doubt, this young player is full of talent and he has proven this, time without number this season. Anthony Martial is full of skills,Power and speed. He's a player to watch today. With his skills let's see if the Liverpool team would be able to contain him.

3. Mr Assistor: Henrikh Mkhitaryan is called the goal Assistor. Many Manchester United fans calls him the Xavi of Manchester United. Reason is because of his goal assisting skills and abilities. So far this season, in all the top 5 league across Europe, only few players have provided fewer goal assist than him. Certainly, Mr Assistor is a player to watch today.

4. The Future World Best: This list won't be completed without Marcus Rashford whom former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has named to be among the future players to succeed him and Lionel Messi as the future world best. Rashford is a hardworking player and for sure he's a player to watch for his skillfulness and Stamina. He's good and there is certainly no doubt about it. Another trouble maker to the Liverpool defence today?

5. The BallonD'OR Keeper: De Gea,  a.k.a the Goal stopper made up our final list. He's obviously among the best keeper currently in the world of football. He communicates well with his defender and stops the opponents ball from getting into the net. He's a player to watch today as once again he show the world why his being included in the top 30 world best nominee is not a mistake.

Who else do you think should have made the list?  Lets see your comment plz. 

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