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Friday, 13 October 2017

Creating a Professional Looking Blog | Easy Step by Step Guide

To successfully achieve this you need an already customized blogger template. There are lots of Blogger templates online just use Google search and download some free template.


Most blogger templates are always in Zip format, it means after download you have unzip the folder.

Step 1: Log into your Blogger dashboard

Step 2: Go to THEME

Step 3: At the top right click Back/Restore
Step 2 and 3 picture

Step 4: Select the XML file from the zip folder (the one you downloaded and unzipped)

After the upload is successful, there should be two views one for how the blog will appear in a desktop(laptop) the other is the mobile view.

You need to make one more important setting. Click the gear icon below the mobile view and select No. Show Desktop View in Mobile. See picture below

Now that you have successfully installed your desired template, now type the name of your blog in your browser and see how it will appear. There will surely be a difference now like the pictures below.

There are various reasons for setting up a blog. But most people set up a blog to make money and if this is your interest then use the CONTACT US PAGE to send us a private message and we'll give you an exclusive attention to help you achieve this. 

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