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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Four Awesome Features Of Infinix Devices That You Might Not Be Using Right Now

The Infinix mobile phones are relatively sleek with cute designs coupled with good camera quality. But aside from its physical beauty, the infinix mobile devices also have inbuilt features that are very awesome that most users know little or nothing about. Lets get to four of these features


Recent infinix devices have this feature that allows users to just make specific gestures across the screen of the phone to unlock the phone. This means that no need to double tap the screen or press the power button but only move your finger across the screen and the phone will automatically unlock itself.


If you like waving at your friends from distance, then this feature will work just fine for you. Just that you infinix mobile will now be the new friend you will be waving at almost everyday. With this feature, you can just unlock your infinix device by simply using your hand to wave over the screen. Note that this feature only works when the infinix device is set to Slide to Unlock and not when it has security like PIN or PATTERN.


Most people know that infinix devices screenshots but what they have not tried is the three finger screenshot. With this feature, you can screenshot your phone by sliding three fingers down the screen. 


This feature is very easy and simple to use. It comes in handy when you set and alarm or you don't want to receive a call. When this feature is turned on, all you need do when a call comes in is just TURN THE PHONE sideways and it will become silent. It also works for alarm notifications.

So these are four infinix features you can try today. To check if these features are turned ON/OFF in your device, just go to SETTINGS and click GESTURE AND SMART MOTION. 

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