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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How To Easily Make Money From Jiji With Just Your Laptop or Smart Phone

 If you have a good mobile device or laptop and you have access to internet. combined with a good marketing and negotiation skills, you can make as much as 20,000 naira daily online.
There are various ways one can make money online and  is one of such ways. Making money daily in Jiji can be very easy and the truth is you can even earn with just your mobile device. There are two easy ways to make legit money from Jiji daily but it requires a little patience so if you know you need sharp sharp money, please don't read further. The first way to make money in Jiji is serving as an intermediary we'll explain further below.


Everyday people look for good phone to buy at a cheap price and the best place to buy good phones for such price is Jiji . Now here is how you can earn as an Jiji intermediary. Someone wants to buy an Infinix Note 4 and he is willing to pay 48,000 naira. You quickly go to Jiji from your mobile device and with your power of negotiations someone agreed to sell that same phone for you for 40,000 naira.

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Now the deal is almost done, you collect the 48,000 naira from the buyer and bring him/her a brand new infinix phone you bought for 40,000 naira. That means you just made lets say 8,000 naira from that transaction, it's as easy as that. Making money as an Jiji middle man requires a great deal of negotiation skill.


This is the second way you can make money from Jiji and it's pretty easy. In this step, instead of been just the middle man, you are now the actual seller. You have a spare money, instead of putting it into ponzi scheme you can just go to Jiji and buy some smart phones at a very less price then sell to buyers at a good price and make profit.

Making money with this method requires you have a small capital and you possessing a good marketing skills. You can make as much as 20,000 naira daily if you are really good at convincing people to buy from you and sell to you.

Now note that Jiji is not a platform like JUMIA or KONGA, you make payments on delivery and after accessing the phone or product you wish to buy. When meeting an Jiji user it's always best to meet in a public/social gathering and not going into the persons street or even going to is home.

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