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Monday, 9 October 2017

How To Make The Right Decisions When Purchasing A Mobile Device

The excitement of getting a new mobile device can sometimes be overwhelming making on just jump into the market and buying a device they might just regret using later. But what if you are given a guidance on what to look out for when choosing to buy a device? It will be cool right?.

There are various things to consider when choosing to buy a device it includes but not restricted to battery capacity, camera quality, screen size, RAM, ROM, Processing speed, Network type and many more. Now let us narrow it down for you so that you know the types of device that best suits your needs.


These are the first set of persons we want to talk about. Most persons love to play games with their mobile devices but not all phones/mobile devices are suitable for playing games. Take for example, using a 5" (five inch) phone with 1gb RAM and 4gb ROM to play game will be very sluggish and you won't enjoy the game. But let's see the type of phones that are best for games.

Phones with wider screen 6", good processor, good RAM size 2gb RAM and good ROM size 16gb ROM. When it comes to game lovers, camera quality is not important. Using a wide screen phone will make you see all the graphics of the game. And if this same phone has a good processor lets say 2GHZ octa core coupled with good RAM and ROM the phone will load the games very fast and you will get the best experience from playing the game. For A Complete Lists of Devices That Are Best Suitable To Play Games Click HERE


Like the GAME LOVERS, this set of phone users are only interested in watching movies hence camera quality is not too important for them. And for these set of persons, using tablets is best suitable for them as it will enable them watch all types of movies with different screen size resolutions. They also need a good storage memory for storing the movies hence they should buy phones that supports SD Cards. For A Complete Lists of Devices That Are Best Suitable To Watch Movies Click HERE


Now these set of persons are only interested in their looks and appearance. Phone storage, RAM size and processing power is less important for these people. They are mostly interested in taking pictures, hence they need phones that have good camera qualities. For A Complete Lists of Devices That Are Best Suitable To Take Selfies/Pictures Click HERE


These are the last set of individuals we'll discuss, they are always online in various social media. They can be online on Instgram, Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, Tango, Viber and Pinterest simultaneously. Their display pictures(DP) are updates every now and then hence they need phones with good camera quality. But aside from camera, since they always like to multi-task, they also need phones with fast processors and good RAM. For A Complete Lists of Devices That Are Best Suitable For Social Media Click HERE

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