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Monday, 9 October 2017

Lists Of Best Phones/Mobile Devices For Selfies/ Lists Camera Phones

These set of phones are listed here because of their camera qualities (not based on their camera pixel). People who love to snap pictures and like to take selfies will find this lists with brief description very useful when it comes to making a choice of device they wish to buy.

First in our list is the iPhone 7 camera. This device carries a 12MP rear/back camera with flash light that is very clear. So for those persons who likes to take selfies/pictures, this device is a very good choice. But it's market price is very expensive.

Next on our list is the Infinix Note 3 device. This device is not only known for its wide screen size and fast processing power but also for an awesome 13MP rear/back camera with flash light. It also have a 5MP front camera for selfies even at night. The price of this device is relatively fair and it is very affordable.

Infinix Note 4 is another flagship from the Infinix company that is mainly known for its fast charge capacity (5mins full charge). but this phone also have an awesome 13MP camera with flash light and also 5MP front camera with flash for night selfies.

Tecno CAMON C9 is the latest among the CAMON series of the Tecno Mobile. The CAMON series are basiccaly camera phones and although the CAMON C9 is popularly known for its Retinal security(EYE LOCK), it also have an awesome camera. The CAMON C9 has a 13MP rear/back camera with double flash and also a 13MP centered from camera with flash for super selfies at nigth. The price of the CAMON C9 is also affordable.

So, selfies lovers and picture lovers can select one of the devices above when considering to buy a phone. Remember that if you are confused about choosing the right mobile device, you can also use the CONTACT USE PAGE to send us a message. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on technology and celebrity news and gossips.

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