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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Namibians Punishes Omarion for disrespecting them at his concert [see details]

American singer, Omarion couldn't believe his eyes as he ended up performing to an almost empty space after Namibians decided to deal with him for disrespecting them.

Omarion refused to show up at a press conference before the concert which got Namibian journalists and influencers pissed off. They launched a campaign to boycott his concert and the result was an empty venue.

According to a twitter reporter, he said that immediately after Namibian artists finished their performance, People started going home with Omarion yet to perform. When it was the American star turn to perform, the hall was already almost empty as 90% of the attendance has left. 

Hmmmmm, Namibians gat no chills.. Lol

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