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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Romelu Lukaku finally breaks the silence, see his response to his critics

The Manchester United top striker Romelu Lukaku has finally responded to his critics who called him a small team player. The Manchester United striker has scored 14 goals this season across all competition both for club and country.

However, since the last Manchester United goaless draw against Liverpool last Saturday, the club striker has really faced alot of criticism.

The Belgian has responded to the criticism, telling The Guardian : ‘I have heard that from people. It’s different when every time I played for Everton we had a different mindset coming into the game.

‘As a striker when I was over there I had a good time. I learned my trade over there. I played there for four years. I am really grateful to the club no matter what happened.

‘But sometimes it is difficult as well when you play against the top teams and you play not to win and don’t really create chances. It is really difficult.

‘Now I am in a team where we want to win against the big teams and we want to win every game, so I think the situation will change.’

Lukaku believes his goal in United’s 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the summer proves he can cope under pressure on the big stage.

On his Uefa Super Cup display, the forward said: ‘I think the biggest pressure game for me was the Super Cup against Real Madrid. That was the game for me where everybody was looking at me and thinking: “Will he do it there?”

‘I think it freed me from everything and I just kept going, tried to improve week in, week out.

‘People will always say this and that but my record in the Premier League is pretty good and I’m in a situation where the team is performing really well – but there is a lot of work to be done.

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