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Friday, 13 October 2017

Setting Up a Blog and Making Money from Blog is Easy | Learn How with simple steps

Most people own a blog or two but only few are actually making money from their blog. What could be the problem? Are they not working hard enough or they don't just know how? Are you wondering how you can make money from/with you blog? This article is just for you then. Carefully read the steps to set up your blog but if you already know about blogs then skip to the money part.

Creating up a blog is easy, there are hundreds of online tutorials for that. What we'll discus in this article is about setting up your blog to look professional and attractive.

To create a blog you need a valid Gmail address, then log in the blogger website using the Gmail you created. Follow the onscreen instructions, select your blog name if it's available click OK and it's done.


 To set up your blog you need a little Computer skill or web design experience. But if you don't have that skill, well we'll try as much as we can to help you set up a professional blog.

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First You need a template not just a template but a dynamic template that can be viewed in almost any device. Good news is GoyaabiTemplates have thousands of those templates for free.

Next you need to select a template that suits what you want to write about. Movies, Entertainment, News and many more. Mag Templates are best for Movies blog. Download this template then go back to your Blogger dashboard and install this template. Now you are a few steps away from getting a professionally looking blog.

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Our next post will be about how you can install your preferred template. For the link to download dynamic templates please send us a message using the CONTACT US PAGE. 

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