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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Banky W Compares P-Square To Beans and Dodo; See Interesting Analogy

Banky W, Mr Capable has made an interesting analogy and comparison of the Okoye brothers who recently went solo. With each releasing solo tracks as 'Rudeboy' and 'Mr P'.
See the screen shot below:

He said Which do you prefer?

I just got back to Nigeria yesterday, after
the better part of 4 months away. Naturally,
one of the things I missed the most while
being away was the food. So I tried going to
one of my favourite African restaurants to
order some. Everything seemed normal until I
tried to place an order. I asked for beans and
plantain... the waiter said I could have one or
the other, but not the two at the same time.
I was confused. I decided to go for Jollof rice
and chicken. Same story. Pounded yam and
Egusi??? No, sorry, it's either pounded yam
OR Egusi.. not both together. I was actually
at a loss for words. This didn't make sense to
me, at all. The waiter then tried to explain..
using words like "change", "growth" and
"trying a new direction". But I didn't and
still don't understand. Why change what was
already perfect? He explained that any option
I chose would still taste good. So, because
hunger was killing me, I tried it. In the past
few days I'd try plantain one day, and then
beans another. Etc. And they did taste good.
But they were perfect together. Absolutely
perfect. The best of the best of African
It's unfortunate that sometimes, with growth,
change and whatever-other-word U wanna
use... we end up losing sight of where and how
we started, and altering what was a perfectly
working combination. It makes me sad. But
such is life I guess. For now, I will have to
make do with either beans OR plantain, and
either Jollof OR chicken, at different times.
It isn't quite the same though, so here's
hoping one day someone will realize that U
should never have to choose between two good
things, when both, together, make a perfect
I miss beans & dodo at my favourite
restaurant. Sigh.

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