Bitcoin News: Former US Regulator Disagrees With Alan's View

Following the view presented by the former Fed Reserve Chair, Alan Greenspan' s comments on Bitcoin, US Trading Commissioner; Bart Chilton has disagreed with Alan's view.

Bart said that he believed that the Bitcoin is sustainable and hopes that coming events as CME's future markets will help regulate the currency more.
Bart Chilton

"I do think it’s sustainable, I don’t know
if it’s sustainable at these prices — I
mean, the only difference is, with
Chairman Greenspan is that, you know,
people are willing to pay for it and so
if they’re willing to pay for it there is
a demand."Chilton said.

He is a strong believer that the regulation of Bitcoin will curb it's volatile nature. He believes that the volatility tied to the coin will be investigated if it is regulated.

He said;
“There’s no questions – zero – that had digital
currencies been regulated, I would have sought an
investigation into the precipitous price changes
we’ve witnessed". But unlike Alan, The former Commissioner does believe that Bitcoin will be sustainable if regulated.

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