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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Checkout 6 Bitcoin Friendly Neighbourhoods In The World

Interested in knowing where you can invest in Bitcoin and find like minded fellows? Where your enthusiasm for anything blockchain will be met with enthusiastic eyes? Consider these neighbourhoods.

Nomad list ranks these neighbourhoods by a range of metrics ranging from fast Internet service to rent, air quality and safety.

1. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth doesn't look very much like a hotbed for cryptocurrencies, but with doomsdayers and survivalists seeing its wilderness and snow capped peaks as a perfect place to be, Portsmouth bubbles with enthusiasts for cryptocurrencies.
  About 20,000 libertarians of Free State Project have pledged to move to New Hampshire in coming years, with their HQ bring in New Hampshire; Free State Bitcoin Shoppe where only BTC Currency is accepted.

The State also has a farm whose beef goes for BTC only. Surely Portsmouth is a Bitcoin's lover home.

2.Amsterdam, Netherlands

A stone throw from the City's sex museum lies The Bitcoin Embassy, a community hub where BTC Enthusiasts gather to worship.
It is home to developers, investors, startups, entrepreneurs,  and curious passerbys. The city also has a Bitcoin cafĂ©, box and restaurant with a mining rig.

Thinking of going to Amsterdam? I wouldn't stop you. Just wait and see the next 4 reviews.

3.Kreuzberg, Berlin

With geeks, students, cyberpunks and bohemians,  it's no surprise that Berlin appears on the list.
Kreuzberg, Berlin's Bitcoin heartland boasts of the highest concentration of merchants who accept the Cryptocurrency.

It is also home to Room77, a restaurant which was the first real world Lightning Network transaction site which was used to purchase, yeah you guessed right,  Beer.

4.Ginza Tokyo.

If Japan claims to be the most bitcoin ready country, there'd be no dispute. With thousands of stores accepting the Cryptocurrency and a strig of BTC ATMs available throughout its Metropolises.

Yeah,  so you can buy a plate of food in Japan with your Bitcoin cash gotten from the ATMs around.

5.Douglas, Isle of Man

    Overlooking the Irish sea is Douglas, the quiet capital of Britain's Isle of Man. Despite having a population of a mere 26,000, the town boasts of its own bitcoin bar. The Island' s regulatory framework allows Cryptocurrency gambling and token sales to flourish.  It is home to 25 Bitcoin-related startups,  giving it the name; The Bitcoin Island.

6.Ngawa China

The Chinese government has not welcomed cryptocurrencies with opened arms, but it is yet to ban them.

Closeby to Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture lies Sichuan's crypto-mining operations.  Which feeds off the Province's cheap hydropower.
Yeah, chilling in a noisy and dirty mining farm isn't anyone's idea of a libertarian paradise. But if want feel intimacy with bitcoin, heading to the source is as close as it gets.

Bitcoin still has a long way to go, but if you want a place to spend, talk and revel in Bitcoin,  those are favourite places to go.

What do you think?  Which would you head to if you could? Drop your opinions in the comments section and subscribe to our newletter.

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