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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

News: Cultists To Die In Ekiti

In an effort to stem cultists activities in Ekiti state, the lawmakers have proposed a bill that seeks to put to death any found engaging in cult-related activities and life imprisonment for any found aiding and abetting cultism.

This is an amendment to the law enacted by Ayo Fayose during his first tenure as Governor. The rise in cultism in recent times gave rise to the urgency of the bill which was titled: Secret Cult (Abolition and Prohibition)[Amendment],2017.

The house leader recalled the recent killings in the University before the passage saying;

“We will not allow any group to turn Ekiti into
death trap area,” he said, while thanking the
governor, Ayodele Fayose, for introducing the
Remarking on the bill, speaker of the house,
Kola Oluwawole said: “We cannot fold our arms
while some people would constitute themselves
as a menace and eliminating the lives of
innocent people of this state.
“It is an everlasting sorrow for someone to
lose his child or relative. The bill will reshape
the lives of our youth. It will ‘touch’ those
who intend to join any secret cults and those
who have the intention to take another
person’s life.
“Those people that we are representing will
have peace of mind that their lives and those
of their children are safe. The bill considers
very seriously the negative consequences of
such action because of the irreparable loss of

The bill has not yet been signed by the governor.

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