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Friday, 3 November 2017

Discussion: Was TStv truly hacked or they are operating bein Sports illegally? (see details)

Tstv has started their test transmission few days back. But however, No satelite dish was given out, except some very few persons that got both the dish and decoder from the company itself

However, the main issue here is not the issue of whether decoder was given out or not by the company. But the problem was what the viewers saw on their TV screen yesterday while watching the Arsenal Europa match. See below.,

Customers finally reached out to the Tstv company pouring out their disappointment on why Tstv claimed some time back that they have obtained all the legal documents.

However few minutes later, Tstv replied most of the customers through their official twitter account that the fault was not from them. And neither was the message displayed on the TV screen from Bein Sports. They claimed that it was hacked. See below what they tweeted., 

So now we don't know what to believe. Should we believe what we saw on our TV screen or what Tstv company twitted.? 

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