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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Food: The Way To A Man's Heart

There are three roads to a man's heart. Food, Sex and Respect. Two of these roads must be passed through before the last road is reached. Respect and Food.

Sex is last among the roads because several men have affairs with prostitutes and yet they have no hold on their hearts. To them it's just another fling among flingings.

Respect is first on the list because no man worth his salt will be fed by a woman who has on several occasions disrespected him, no matter how delicious her food is.

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Every man values respect fron his woman. No wonder an ancient book instructed women to respect their men.

Food is 2nd on the list because it serves as the link between Respect and sex.

Food is the holy grail of a man's heart. A bachelor who tastes good food will search for the cook and see if she is available for marriage.

A husband who has a good cook at home will value his wife more.
And there's little wonder why a man might leave his wife when the maid cooks better than her.

Imagine coming back from work after a hard day's work and being beaten by hunger;  terrible hunger and coming to meet a plate of well cooked noodles surrounded by a plethora of fried plantain and cooked egg as pre dinner, awaiting Isi ewu and cold palm wine to be served later.
Tell me the man who will not love that woman more.

A woman with the ability to cook well has the key to her man's heart

So women, if you want to win a real man, it's not all sex, it's about respect and good food.

Men say they'd rather pay a good cook than a good Doctor.

And married women, make your husbands keep falling in love with you by cooking good food for him.

Do you agree that food is integral to getting a man's heart? Or do you feel
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