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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How To Make Money From Your Blog Without Adsense

Adsense screenshot
Google disapprove thousands of google adsense applications daily and this simply means that no money from google for such bloggers. But if google have disapproved your adsense application more than once, then its time for you to try another alternative. In this article we'll introduce you an ad network that pays its advertisers just like google.


A-ads network is an advertising network that pays its advertisers with bitcoin. Though not very popular yet, it pays its advertisers like google only difference is that they pay with bitcoin. If you can get enough traffic (that is get more persons to be visiting your blog/website daily) you will be earning more from A-ads network. To register in the A-ads network click Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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Aside from A-ads, there are various companies online that are offering affiliation programs to bloggers JUMIA and KONGA are good examples. These companies offers bloggers the opportunity to advertise for them and for each visitors that come to them from the bloggers affiliation link, the blogger gets paid. In some cases though, bloggers are paid for every purchase of product made from them.

There are other companies that offers this affiliation to bloggers. Amazon is another good company that offers affiliation to bloggers. So if your Adsense application was denied or has been denied on several occasions, just try using these alternative method to make cool money from blogging.

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