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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How To Make More Money From Blogging

Every day, more people open blogs with the mind set and hope of making money online. The main and best source of money for most bloggers still remains Google Adsense. But there are other ways to monetize your blog and generate more revenue from your blog with or without Google Adsense. Below are few tips on how to earn more money from blogging


There are other online marketers that are willing to pay you for adverts placed in your blog aside from Google. In Nigeria, there is Konga and Jumia the two big online shopping mall offers affiliation programs that pays bloggers.

KONGA: konga is an online shopping mall tha sells basically almost every thing. So no matter the category of you blog, Konga will have an ad for you. But if your ad is mostly into fashion and technology, then you will likely make more money from Konga affiliation. Konga Affiliation is simple, you apply with your blog URL specify the category of your blog and log into the Konga affiliation dashboard. Once logged in, you can now select your ad type and size copy and paste the code in your blog and start earning from Konga.

JUMIA: Jumia affiliation is very similar to that of Konga, the only difference is that the affiliation is been offered by a different company. To get Jumia affiliation program, just follow the steps listed above for Konga. Getting the ad code and its implementation is very simple.


A-ads network is a different network platform that pays its participants in bitcoin. To use A-ads network you need to have a bitcoin wallet and a bitcoin address. Its very important to note that some ads offered by A-ads network are in violation of Google Adsense policy, be sure to deactivate these ads before implementing the A-ads code in your blog. Like Google, A-ads offers lots of ads the difference between A-ads Network and Google Adsense is payment method as A-ads network only pays in bitcoin and no local currency. To register for A-ad CLICK  Advertise with Anonymous Ads

There are other platforms that offers affiliation programs for bloggers, but the ones listed above are pretty easy to set up and they offer publishers high returns. A-ads network for example pay its advertisers per unique impressions made.

If you would like to know more about these advertisements platform for bloggers please send us a message using the CONTACT US PAGE of this blog.

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