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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

YouTube might be popular for its video sharing and streaming capabilities but it’s also home to tons of great music. A lot of people use YouTube for listening to their favorite music but certain limitations in the app are a hindrance in the experience. We are talking about YouTube’s inability to play videos in the background on Android.

The official YouTube app does allow you to play videos in the background but there’s a catch. You need to have a YouTube Red subscription. Unfortunately, YouTube Red is available only in the US and if you are from some other country you’ll need to install third party apps that let you play YouTube videos in background on Android.
Note: If you have a YouTube Red subscription, go to app’s three dot Menu->Settings->Background Play and select “Always on”to always play videos from the background.

Third Party Apps to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

1. Awesome Pop-up Video

As the name suggests, Awesome Pop-up Video lets you play videos in a pop-up window. The app lets you play YouTube, Vimeo or any other videos from the webin a cool little pop-up. The homepage of the app shows you popular videos from YouTube and you can also search for videos on YouTube, Vimeo or paste a video link from the web, although videos from the likes of Twitter, Facebook aren’t supported. Once you play a video, the video opens in a popup with B.uttons to close it, maximize it or check playlist. You can also add videos in the queue to keep it playing in the background. Sadly, the music from YouTube videos only play in the background till the time screen is on.

Other features of the app include Pop-up themes & settings, ability to download videos and more. So, if you want YouTube videos running as pop-ups while you check your email or browse the web, you can give Awesome Pop-up Video app a shot.
Install: (Free)

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2. AudioPocket BETA

AudioPocket is an app that does not necessarily let you play YouTube videos in the background, instead it converts YouTube videos into audio and plays it in the background. It’s simple to use, you need to open the YouTube app and tap on the three dot options B.utton that accompanies every video and tap Share. Then, choose AudioPocket from the list of sharing options. The app will then quickly convert the video to a mp3 and play it for you in the background. You will see controls in the notification drawer to “Pause” and “Stop“. You can also add more videos to play as an audio by simply sharing them from the YouTube app. There’s also ability to copy the link of a video from YouTube and paste it manually in AudioPocket’s app.

The app is available in a free version but there’s in-app purchase for the Premium version, which gets rid of the annoying ads and bring features like audio quality selection, full media control and more.
Install: (Free with $4.42 for Premium version) 

These apps make YouTube the perfect music streaming app!

While these apps are not the most user friendly options but they work well. We tested these apps and we found them to be the best when it comes to playing YouTube videos in background on Android. So, give these apps a spin and let us know your opinion.

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