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Friday, 17 November 2017

'Last Time I Ate Was 5 Days Ago': Billionaire Kidnapper Evans

Billionaire kidnap kingpin has complained to the Lagos State High Court that the last time he was fed by the Nigerian Prison authority was 5 days ago.

He made the complaint during the continuation of their trial before Justice Hakeem Oshodi on Friday November 17, 2017.

Immediately Evans and other defendants were brought into the court room,they started agitating and complaining about their feeding condition in Prison.

According to him, They were deprived food, change of clothes and water since Wednesday.

"This is unfair, I have not been given food and
change of clothes. I was not given the opportunity
to bathe since Wednesday. I am seriously hungry
now. They locked us in one place, no food and no
water to bathe. The last we were fed was when a
wife of one of us brought food", he complained.

Evans' counsel Olukoya Ogunbeje and Mr Aduba[a fellow defendant's] counsel, Emmanuel Ochai also comllained about their clients' starvation.

Mr Ogunbeje sought permission to go and buy food for his counsel saying that only a living person can stand for trial.

"apart from being starved my
lord, they are locked up in solitary confinement
with no access to anybody. If this continues, they
may not be in the right frame of mind to continue
the trial". Mr Ogunbeje said.

Having listened to the complaints,  the presiding judge ordered the prosecutor; Ms. Titilayo Shitta-bey to investigate the accusations.

Bey, to investigate the accusation.
"The Director of Public Prosecution should please
investigate these allegations. A defendant is
innocent until he is proven guilty by a competent
court," he said.

He also reprimanded the lead lawyer; Mr Ogunbeje for seemingly threatening the court.
"Do not threaten the court" the judge retorted.

The Prosecutor on her pa

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