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Monday, 6 November 2017

Love Is As Strong As Death!; The Truth Behind The Statement

Have you lost someone in death?
Do you know someone who has lost someone in death?
How did it feel?

The ancient saying that Love Is As Strong As Death is very true.

You see, when a person is in love; he becomes foolish to others. His actions are looked upon as stupid.

A man who is in love accepts any and every rubbish. His lover can conveniently slap him on his head and he will receive it as a 'pat of love'. But if another person slaps his head,  it becomes a 'cry of war'.

A woman in love can be insulted by her lover and it is looked at as 'love quotes'. But try those same words with someone she doesn't love and it becomes 'emotional assault'.

Love is the only thing that'll make a strong man weak and sick.

 The way the loss of one's own to death makes one grieve; One's gain of love makes him live.

Love tears and rips apart
And can also mend the heart.
Love strips to pieces
And can also serve as stitches.

No wonder a musician sang; love na one kind mumu thing.

And yet another said; I'm a fool for you (his lover)

So guys, fall in love and experience foolishness; sweet foolishness.

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