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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Mavin Records Singer; Johnny Drille: I bought N17,000 Drugs To Treat Fungal Infection

Mavin Records singer; Johnny Drille has revealed why he had to abandon his signature Afro looks for a shaved cut.

Johnny Drille who recently got signed into Don Jazzy's Mavin Records shared a picture on Instagram said:

In the lenghty post narrating his ordeal with
'Fungal Infection', he wrote
This will be a long read, so forgive me!
Some of you may have noticed I didn't have my

'signature' hair at some point this year. Well, I had
a terrible condition called fungal infection that
slowly caused my hair to break, creating scanty
patches on my scalp.
Around January I noticed I had scales on my face
but didn't pay it any attention until it spread to
my scalp and ears. I probably got it from a barber
shop or hotel bedsheets that weren't properly
washed. I would spend the next two months
assuming it was dandruff and trying to treat that.
I saw that I was losing a lot of my hair and it was
then I realized it wasn't at all dandruff but
something terrible.
I had a dermatologist check and he diagnosed it as
fungal infection and prescribed the drugs.
Treating it has hands down been the hardest thing
I've done this year. I had to shave all of my
remaining hair to properly treat it. I can
remember leaving the barber shop with my friend
Obji and hating the guy I saw in the mirror, me. I
was going to stay indoors for the next few weeks

and go out only a few times aided by face caps
and hats. I dreaded taking tablets prior as I'd
rather just let my immune system fight whatever I
was down with, but this time it was inescapable, I
had to take dem pills. Treatment also didn't come
cheap, a Terbinafine pack of 14 tablets sold for
NGN17, 000 and I must have have taken around 6
packs of those. One mistake I made was not being
faithful to dosage; at times I missed a dosage and
woke up to more fungus on my face and hair the
next morning. Another mistake I made was not
correctly diagnosing it but assuming it was nothing
Last week I took the last tablet of Terbinafine and
I can now boldly say I'm totally free from that
stubborn fungal infection that plagued me the
most of this year. I also learned to take medication
by myself (my mum or sister would usually force
me to take pills then). It's a pretty boring story
but I wanted to share it so in case you experience
something like this or anything suspicious, you
should take action asap and not wait for it to get
out of control.'

Johnny Drille has released nice songs as: 'My Beautiful love', 'Wait For Me', 'Romeo and Juliet' and others and is certainly one of our beloved singers here in Mntrends. So we're glad he's back on his feet.

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