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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Monetize Your Blog | Google Adsense or A-ads Network

Adsense Vs A-ads Network
 The primary goal of setting up most blogs is to make money. But the more difficult problem is knowing which advertising network to use. For years google adsense have been the primary source to monetize blogs but over the yeras, more advertising network has come into the market. in this article, we'll compare Google Adsense with A-ads Network to see which is better for bloggers.


Google Adsense generate revenue in different ways. But we'll show you three easy to understand ways that google generate revenue for bloggers. Google generate revenue through, CPM(Cost per impression), CPV(Cost per view) and CPC(Cost per click). A-ads on the other hand generate revenue in two ways, CPM(Cost per impression) and CPC(Cost per click). Google adsense wins this criteria because it generates revenue to bloggers anytime they receive a visitor.


Google Adsense makes use of local currency to pay it's advertisers, but A-ads network make use of bitcoin to pay it's advertisers. This means that payment is fast and secure and they don't require too much details of it's advertisers thereby making it's advertisers stay anonymous.


To get your google adsense you have to meet series of adsense policies and if you default in any of these policies your adsense application will be rejected. But A-ads have no such policies as you just simply create an account with them and create your first Ad its as easy as that.

So as a blogger who is interested in making money from blogging, you might consider using A-ads network Ads in your blog and start making money almost immediately. Google Adsense might still be the best advertising platform for bloggers but A-ads network is a better option with it's anonymous feature and ease of use.

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