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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Not Everything Can Be Learned From The Four Walls Of A University Even If It's An Open University

Everyone who goes to a university,  goes with the aim of learning everything he needs to be successful in life.

And upon graduation; everyone believes that within a year or two he should begin to reap fruits of success.

That is why we see so many graduates, armed with their certificates, ever sure of success.

But one thing they fail to realize was expressed in the words of a wise man who said; 'It's not everything you learn in the 4 walls of a university,  Even if it is an Open University'.

The truth is that Universities; using Nigeria as a case study cannot teach everything one needs for success.
Let's consider an example.

Look at that businessman in Balogun Market who stopped his education at Secondary School level and is running a thriving business with big profits and compare him to that your neighbour in your hood who boasts of a BSc. and Masters Degree Certificate. But who spends his day walking from one company to another in search of job.

He decides to put his entrepreneurship 101's skills to use and start a business. And he discovers that not even his certificate can bring in the amount of customers that the School cert businessman rakes everyday.

The University taught him entrepreneurial skills but didn't teach him how to haggle prices,  how to set up business and how to convince customers to buy. Not even the Open University teaches that.

That man with BEng. In Civil Engineering does not have an assurance of a happier marriage than the carpenter in his workshop who stopped in Form 6 in Primary school.

University did not teach him how to build a successful marriage.

That you are a computer science graduate doesn't mean you'll be the next Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

University does not teach you to be creative, but teaches you to follow what was done by creative people. No wonder Zuckerberg and Bill Gates left Harvard to pursue their dreams.

The University teaches you entrepreneurship 101 but doesn't teach how to sell market.

The University gives you certificates but doesn't teach you how to present your certificates

The University teaches you how to write projects but not how to write your curriculum Vitae.

The University teaches you how to calculate profit but not how to make profit.

The University teaches you how to make decisions in exam halls but not how to make Life's decisions.

The truth therefore, guys, is that not everything can be learned from the University; Not even an Open University.

So be humble, be open, be willing to learn. There's more to be learned from the top of a tree than on the inside of a classroom.

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