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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Poverty And Betrayal: A Tonic That Can Cause Death

Betrayal is painful. Betrayal is bitter. Poverty is painful. Poverty is bitter. When mixed together, they can be fatal.

Poverty is sometimes a result of laziness, But not always so. One could be poor because he's not so fortunate.

Poverty also comes as a result of mismanagement of one's assets. One could be a hardworker and a hardspender, leading to a hard life of poverty and constant want.

A musician once sang that "Pover-Tea is not a Tea anyone would like to drink". It's too bitter to pass through one's throat.

No wonder a wise man in an ancient book prayed for poverty never to befall him.

Imagine being terribly hungry with pieces of patched rags hanging on to your dry skin under the harsh harmattan condition, sleeping in front of someone's store in the night and being woken up with a cup of cold water in harmattan season.

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Going out for your usual hustle and finding out that the job you hoped to get to fetch you something, was sold out to another by a bosom friend.

Arrgghh! It is like giving someone herbs to drink and running a sword through him from his back.

Betrayal which brings Pain being added to Poverty that comes with frustration, anger and depression. The pain indeed can be excruciating! A Tonic that can indeed cause death.

So guys, Go out there and hustle, and when you hustle, spend wisely. Spend wisely with real friends who've got your backs. And be a real friend to others;  Rich or Poor. You never know whose sun could rise tomorrow morning.

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