Two Sides Of A Coin: A Tale Of Two Beer Parlours

I was at a beer parlour recently with my guys and we got talking. Discussions led to Ronaldo and Messi; being guys that we are. And we discussed about their attitudes to winning.

Someone said that he prefers Ronaldo to Messi because after getting a trophy, Ronaldo gushes about it on social media; thanking his fans. But Messi does not.  He feels Messi is arrogant.

Two women were polishing their nails at a spa and discussing about their celebrity crushes.

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One of the girls said she dislikes Davido because he always gushes about his achievements on social media and Wizkid does not. She feels Davido is local and loud and Wizkid is humble, not proud.

Each of these groups had their valid points and were thoroughly convinced of them.

Renowned Author, Chinua Achebe once wrote; 'The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others'

 So many people today have different beliefs and different perceptions which they hold on to dearly. And almost always, because your perception of an idea seems right,  does not mean another person's is wrong. They might just complement themselves. You might just be seeing certain things from a different angle.

This may bring to mind a story told years back about 3 blind men who were told to touch an elephant and give a description of the animal. Each touched different parts and described the animal according to the part he touched. The one who touched the trunk described the elephant as a ropelike animal. The one who touched the tusk described it as a rocky animal. The one who touched its powerful legs felt it was like a tree.

The truth is, none of them was wrong in their observations, but yet all of them were wrong in their conclusions.  But they could've been right if they had brought their ideas together to get the bigger picture.

So guys, at times, the key to understanding certain things you have difference in with someone else, is to get the bigger picture. Remember there is always 2 sides to a coin.

And when you cannot share opinions together to get a bigger picture,  respect the opinions of others.

Remember that because Rabbit meat is sweet does not make Bush rat to be bitter; the power of decision lies in the mouth.

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  1. Nice, I love this

  2. Lol. Wizkid is still my favourite shaa..Nice article