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Friday, 3 November 2017

You Think You're Successful? See The True Meaning Of Success

"If your success doesn't make another person successful, You have failed"-Ali Baba

A Class Representative whose result is very impressive and saturated with lots of A's and course mates with bad results.

A thriving business man from a poor background with siblings at home.

 A soldier whose battalion has won a battle but whose colleague's battalion lost woefully.

The 3 examples mentioned above from different backgrounds and in different situations all have one thing in common. ; Success.

Success with failure around them.

The wise man quoted above aptly described success.

How can a business man claim to be successful and those around him; his friends, family members and neighbors who are willing to work be hungry?

How can a class rep be successful when his coursemates are not? Not because they are not hard working but because he hoards his knowledge.

How can a commander be successful and other commanders have failed? Not because they did not prepare but because they could not prepare.

So what happens when you fall down the success ladder?..Who extends a helping hand up? Who catches you on your fall?

If you wake up every morning smelling success and those around you stench of failure; You have successfully failed!

So if you really want to beat your chest and boast of success; although it isn't contagious, you should be ready to tag along; those who are ready to be successful.

For those doing that already. We give you kudos. Please continue!

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  1. Lol the logic used, it's simple, clear and short to read. Kudos

    1. Thanks for sharing your view. This is encouraging. Thanks