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Saturday, 30 December 2017

All You Should Know About Buhari appointing a Ghost Worker.

The presidency has released a list of Federal government appointments for governing boards for parastatals and agencies. Among the list of 209 Chairmen was Senator Francis Okpozo who according to the list, will be the Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. This was the same person President Buhari mourned last year. 

Now here is the funny and annoying part of the story. Senator Francis Okpozo is dead. The Senator died in Benin City, Edo State last year after a brief illness on December 26th 2016 at the age of 81. The Senator was buried on February 17th this year.

Princess Akporaro who is a niece to the late Senator took to her IG page to react to the appointment. See what she wrote below

So the question is what was Buhari 
thinking for him to appoint a dead man to an office? There are many graduates looking for job out there, but no, they prefer a dead man. Since What a living man can do, a dead man can do better.

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