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Monday, 25 December 2017

Bitcoin Goes To The Thrash As UK Waste Company Accepts It As Payment

When you hear Bitcoin and thrash, where does your mind go?
A man who was foolhardy to throw away his Bitcoin hardware, and now regrets his decision 5 years after?

Well, our beloved cryptocurrency has gone a step further into the thrash as a UK Garbage conpany now accepts it as payment.

One of the requirements for a commodity, bill or any other financial instrument to be accepted as a currency is that it must be accepted by all in the society,  and BTC is quickly meeting that.

British Waste Company, Business Waste Ltd has announced it is the first in the country to accept Bitcoin. It also stresses that this isn't a publicity stunt but an effort to keep up with the 21st Century.

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Company officials say:“Individuals and companies are trading in
bitcoin and other virtual currencies all over the
world,” says Business Waste spokesperson Mark Hall,
“so of course we’re going to accept it from our

“To us, it’s just another way to pay for
our services. It’s just money,” Hall says. “We’re
also accepting litecoin and ethereum.”

On whether it would only be tech companies doing the crypto transactions, the company's spokesperson said “You’ll be amazed. Ordinary people are now both
mining and trading virtual currencies, and they’re
keen to use them to purchase goods and services.
And we’re the first in this business sector in the
world to accept them. So the answer is ‘every kind
of company’. Bitcoin is mainstream now.”

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