Born in England : The new Gladiator Totti

Italian legend and World Cup winner, Francesco Totti is a living legend. So amazing was his playing career that The Golden Boy, The Eighth King of Rome,The Big Baby, The Captain, and The Gladiator were titles given him by the Italian sports media.

image of Totti

When asked about the possibility of a Totti in Harry Kane, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino replied:
"Maybe Harry Kane with his mentality can be the same kind of player for Tottenham as Francesco Totti was for Roma.

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"And for us, our fans and everyone, Harry is a fantastic player, a great mentality and a fantastic professional.
"So yes, why not, why not?

image of Harry Kane

"I think Harry doesn't have a price, because we want him here. He's priceless, there is no price.
Kane has struck 56 goals in all competitions for club and country in 2017, making him Europe's top scorer. 
More work lies ahead of Kane if he wants to match the 250 league goals haul of the ex Roma captain as well as his amazing appearance in Rome.

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