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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Crypto-Kidnap!:Cryptocurrency Investor Kidnapped In Russia!

Russian programmer and cryptocurrency investor has been kidnapped in Russia.

Pavel Lerner was kidnapped in Kiev, according to Ukrainian and Russian new reports. He is the Managing Director of Exmo, a UK-based exchange specialized in collecting ruble payments. He is known in Ukraine for his startups which deal with mining operations and blockchain technology development.

It is reported that Pavel stopped responding his phone calls around December 26, and was reported by his friends and colleagues as missing. A Police source which was quoted revealed that he had been dragged into a van by unidentified attackers wearing masks. It was supposed that the abduction of the Russian-born IT specialist took place near his office on the "Stepan Bandera" boulevard in the Ukrainian capital.

Investigations are currently being carried out  to see all possible leads in a case that has been described as kidnap. Security officials have published the reg no of the vehicle used for the operation and are currently conductiong search perations.

His company, Exmo's PR has confirmed the news reports and appealed for any information that may lead to Lerner's rescue. It also went on to assure the public that it's operations were not affected and that he did not have direct access to cryptocurrency accounts or other personal data in the company's possession.

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The Kidnap; as suggested by BitsMedia could be a detention , with charges leveled against the entrepreneur. His abduction could also be linked to his many business interests in several countries.
Well, until the perpetrators are caught or perhaps they release a statement, their true motives remain unknown and our guesses; unfounded.
And yes, just as you thought, there might be a request for crypto ransom; we never know!

What are your thoughts? Might Lerner's abduction be related to his business with the cryptocurrency or could it have other reasons? Please we appreciate your comments and your opinion is highly esteemed. And yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter for latest BTC updates.

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