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Saturday, 30 December 2017

EPL VS LALIGA : Morata gives Verdit

Pundits and fans alike have always been fussing about topics relating to league superiority especially as it concerns the premier league and the Spanish La Liga. 

Games between representatives from both leagues have equally come under severe scrutiny with fingers crossed in anticipation of the Chelsea v Barcelona Champions League match in February 2018. 

Spanish footballer Alvaro Morata who had experienced both leagues is the latest player to give a comparison. He told
"In Spain or Italy the game is not like this, but here there are many crosses and it's better for this.

"But I can score more goals. I had many chances in the Premier League and Champions League and I need to improve. It's my first year here but I think I can do better and I need to do that.
"Always I can improve something. I'm not perfect, if there's one thing that I can improve then I try to look for that and work every day to do so."
Morata will hope to add to his tally of 10 goals when his side take on Stoke on Saturday.

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