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Monday, 25 December 2017

Hit BTC To Charge For Every Bitcoin Deposit

Hit BTC has announced that beginning Dec 22, users are charged a fee for every deposit they make. The fee will be deducted for every Bitcoin deposit and it will constitute 0.0003 BTC.

The company warns that if the deposit is lower than or equal to the fee will be deducted and will not be refunded.

High fees are currently an issue in companies that deal with Bitcoin, especially those that deal with higher volumes of transactions.
Bitpay recently revealed that the high fees make BTC invoice payments under $100 are impractical and uneconomical.

Hit BTC explained that the Bitcoin network had been experiencing difficulties in the "last few weeks". This it explained is due to large demand of the digital currency.

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“It leads to a significant amount of
transactions waiting in the mempool, longer
processing time and unprecedented fees,” the
exchange said while avoiding mentioning any
potentially sensitive topic such as small vs big block

It went on to say that this measure was introduced in order to strengthen all Bitcoin processes, and strengthen all Crypto currencies.

What is your experience?  Have the high fees affected your trading? 
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