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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to Permanently delete an Instagram account

Instagram can be more than a distraction when you are bored, but what about the times you’re trying to be productive and the thought of checking out pictures on Instagram just won’t stop nagging you? Is Instagram something your life will be better off without? Then here is a guide that can help you get rid of your Instagram account.

Deleting your Instagram account is actually quite easy, although you have two options to consider if you want to ensure your Instagram account remains inactive. You can either delete it temporarily or permanently. The difference is that permanently deleting your account means that all your photos and videos will be erased, whereas simply suspending it will only render your profile invisible but still have your data stored up for when you choose to come back.

Here are the steps to accomplish each of these options:

Temporarily disabling an Instagram account

  • Since you can’t do this on your actual application, go into from any browser.
  • Click the profile button located at the top right corner.
  • Find and select the Edit Profile button beside your user name and profile picture.
  • Scroll downwards and click on the Temporarily disable my account link
  • You will then have to choose a reason for disabling your account.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Click on the Temporary Disable Account button.
If you wish, you can reactivate your account by simply logging back into it.

Permanently deleting an Instagram account

  • Open a browser of your choice and go to Instagram’s page for deleting accounts.
  • If you are not already, you will be required to log in to your account.
  • Select a reason why you are deleting your account.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Click on the red Permanently delete my account button.
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