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Monday, 25 December 2017

'It's shameful to have fuel Scarcity on Christmas Day' - Osinbajo

“It’s such a shame that Christmas has been, to some extent, with this sort of discomfort. This is deeply regretted.

“And l know that, despite the resilience and strength of people in Lagos and the Nigerian people, we would see ourselves through this and will enjoy our Christmas and have a great New Year,” Osinbajo said.

Osinbajo said this during an unexpected stopover to Oando Filling Station at Lekki area of Lagos State on Christmas Eve and also stopped at Hayden Petrol Station on the Island.

According to the Vice President, President Buhari and the entire administrations are working so hard to remove this scarcity of fuel.

“We are trying to move as quickly as we can. Obviously, people have gone through a lot of pain and anguish in the past few days, and that is deeply regretted.

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“We were trying to do what we can to move as quickly as possible and there are certainly enough products to be able to solve the problem.

“We will be able to solve the problem; the short period of scarcity is quite a bit of burden, but we know that so long as products are enough and the trucks coming out and feeding the stations, this will be over very soon,’’ he added.

What do you think about this shameful act? What's now the difference between them and past ruling administration? Well, they should remove fuel scarcity so that person can move about in peace. Subscribe to our newsletter below. 

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