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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Learning Languages: Programming Language Vs Foreign Language

Two decades or more years back, learning a foreign language was hot cake. Anyone who knew how to speak 3 or more foreign languages, especially if they are official languages of different countries, was sought after.

 They could be used in diplomatic meetings between countries whose official languages are different, In business transactions between partners of different languages and even in International courts. A Head of State who was multilingual was especially priced by his people for obvious reasons.

Today, a new set of languages have appeared and many seem to be catching the fever;Programming languages. Java, SQL, Python, C#,C++ are but few examples of the new language.

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Now many are faced with the choice of either learning a foreign language or learning programming language.
Which should you decide to use your time to learn? Well let's consider the advantages of both and hope that will inform your decision should you decide to learn any.

Learning A Foreign Language

1. Learning A Foreign Language Improves Brain Power
Learning a foreign language is like entering a whole new world. You get to learn different words, etymology and meaning, different grammar rules. Learning a new language involves getting used to this new language structure. As the brain does all of this, it sharpens skills on negotiating and problem-solving.

2.Multi-tasking Ability
Multitasking is DIFFICULT, well, to those who are not skilled at it. Those who are multilingual slip from one language to another proficiently which is difficult, distracting and demanding. This sharpens their multitasking ability and helps them juggle different activities efficiently.

3. Memory Improvement.
Well, being multilingual involves keeping a whole large amount of vocabularies in the brain and calling on them when needed. This strengthens memory capacity because the brain has built the ability to associate information with mnemonics and retain information.

Learning A Programming Language

1. Job Prospects Are Great:
Think of programming as a language which we all need for important transactions  but do not know how to speak. And those who do are relatively few compared to those who need to carry out transactions. The number of available programmers is small compared to the demand. So that means assured employment and bigger pay.

2. You Learn To Learn:
Programming languages are so vast, that one has to choose a methodological and structured way of learning in order to learn the language, you know, a technique to understand the language. This technique can also be applied in other fields when one has to learn a different course.

3. You Become Detail-Oriented:
Not putting one column(;) in a code may mean that the entire program will not work. Having this in mind makes any programmer pay close attention to detail. Which is a plus for any job role.

4. Programming Languages Keep Evolving:
With programming languages evolving everyday and creativity meeting programming languages everyday, it's only a matter of time before there will be no need for foreign language translators anymore, as Google translator is slowing proving.

So guys, what do you think? You've seen the benefits of both languages; if you are seeking multitasking skills and memory improvement; foreign languages are the way to go, but if you are seeking learning abilities and a great pay with assured job opportunities, programming languages will help you do that.

So, make your choice and improve your memory by not forgetting to drop comments and your email address on our blog to subscribe to our newsletter.

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