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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Must Read: "Not Every Youth With Laptop Is A Yahoo Boy " - AYO IGHO Cries Out

The misconception is becoming too much, hence it becomes very necessary to write this Article.

It's now a common trend that once any Youth either a Girl or Boy is seen with Laptop, the next thing that comes to people's mind is that he or she is a Yahoo boy. By the word 'Yahoo' I meant a Scammer.

This can explain better why so many youths in the country are being tortured unjustly by the SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad). Some are even beaten and others arrested. Hence, is the recent #EndSARS campaign in the country.

Well, just in case you all should know, 'Not Every Youth with A Laptop' is a "Yahoo Boy"
Some of us are Graphic Designers.
Some of us are Programmers.
Some of us are Bloggers.
Some of us are Promoters.
Some of us are Freelancers.
Some of us are Students.
Some of us are Analysts.
Some of us are DJs.
Some of Us are Event Planners.

We are aware that some Youths in the country are making dishonest gain online with their laptops but that doesn't mean all Youths are the same.

So please when next you see Any Youth out there with Laptop, don't just conclude that they're Yahoo boy or Scammer. Coz, truth be told, there are still many youths out there who are honest hearted and at such they use their Laptops to make honest and clean money. Yes, By honest and clean Money, I meant Clean legal money.

So, 'Not all Youth with Laptop is a Yahoo Boy'

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