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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Poetry: The Nigerian Policeman #EndSARS

Following the #ENDSARS campaign that went viral few days back, and the recent ranking of The Nigerian Police force as one of the worst in the world, Prof. Goodness Ogehenevoke has released a short poem that closely illustrates the situation of the average Police man in Nigeria.
The Prof who used the End Rhyme scheme titled the Poem 'The Policeman'

 The Nigerian Policeman
Put a  black uniform on a hungry man
and call him a policeman
Give him a gun
and he will make criminals run
Leave him hungry
and the outcome will be ugly
Make him angry
And bullets will come flying
Make him happy
and the outcome will be lovely. 

With the short piece of poetry,Prof Oghenevoke expressed hope that the problems facing the Nigerian Police force would be addressed and the solution he suggested would be implemented.

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What do you think about the poetry? How effective do you think the pen is against the gun nowadays? Do you think the poetry talks about the problems of the Police force? Please we would like to know your opinion and please drop your email address on our subscription list for more updates on literary article like this.

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