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Monday, 18 December 2017

Shocking: Messi plot Ronaldo's downfall!

Ahead of the elclassico showdown on Saturday between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Lionel 

Messi Barca's vice captain has called teammates to bring down Ronaldo and Real Madrid.

He went on to give the reason:

“We want to win that match not just for it’s significance,” Messi said. “But also because of Madrid,

 because if we win we will gain an important advantage over them. “After that there would be a lot 

of distance in the table.” Messi added: “It would be very nice to say goodbye to the year with a 

Whether the plan will succeed remains to be seen. However, Ronaldo had already beaten the 

Argentine to the Balon D'or and was  equally victorious in the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. This weekends match kicks off at 1:00PM.

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