Rooney Attack Mourinho; Man City Deserve To Celebrate Derby Win

The former Manchester United skipper has taken side with his Former club rivals, Manchester City. This is coming after Manchester United Coach Jose Mourinho criticised Guadiola's players for celebrating in an indecent way after the Manchester derby last week.

However, Wayne who left Manchester United this year to Everton, has thrown his full support to Manchester City. Wayne Rooney claims Manchester City deservess the celebration. Rooney said

"If you’ve played Burnley over the last few years, they must have a big music system because the noise coming out of their dressing room before and after games is incredible. It’s deafening,” Rooney explained.

“So, I think if City win the derby at Old Trafford, for me they’re entitled to celebrate because it’s a big game

“Do it in a respectful manner but I think playing music in your dressing room is fair enough.”

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Although it's over a week now but the issue of Manchester derby still lingers.

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