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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

'There is Power In Not giving Up' - The Part 1

An Ancient book once said that expectation postponed can make the heart sick. While that is true, however, there is still power in not giving  up.

Many persons or individuals have given up on their goals, dreams and plans because of failures, frustration, depression, rejection and other negativity that falls on their way.

Due to the Negative things mentioned above, low self-esteem becomes a daily enemy they battle with. Trying so hard to fight that feeling of worthlessness but always failing In the long run. 

But are they doomed to fail? No, they are not. The truth is that No one is born to be a failure. If so then, why the failure? They fail sometimes because, they allowed that feeling of low self-esteem, that feeling of worthlessness to control their mind and by such doing, it makes them not to put their very best in what they can do. Hence, the result is failure.

Why must I Fail or fall? They ask. Why can't everything I touch turns into Gold just like everyone else? They ask. Why can't I just get it right on my first try?  They ask.

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  1. Hmmmmm... This is very true. Please complete the story. I need this

    1. Part two is coming pretty soon. Thanks for enjoying this part one. We gat more y'all