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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Two Legends Wizkid And Davido Set Good Examples For Everyone

What can be better than a Legend, the right is answer is Two Legends. In the Nigeria music industry, one can not dispute the fact that Wizkid and Davido are Legends. And these two Legends have set a very good example for everyone to follow.

The better part of the year, the media was buzzing with news of beef between these two wonderful artists. But towards the end of the year, they showed everyone that nothing matters but the will to be PEACEABLE.

The Wizkid concert and Davido's 30 billion concert is one to remember for everyone as these two Legends remind everyone that there is growth promoting peace. Wizkid brought Davido on stage as the surprising artist at his convert and they performed FIA together.

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Davido also brought Wizkid on stage at his 30 billion concert and they performed MAYA together. These two Legends have shown to all that they should learn to pursue PEACE. So who is that person you are have a beef with, go and make PEACE now.

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