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Monday, 22 January 2018

40 Year Old Man Accused Of Raping 12 Year Old

An Instagram User, Yusuf Adegoke called out Tony Idisi on her page for allegedly raping his 12 year old neighbour.

The lady said the child's mother who is her aunt, left her daughter at home and took her last child to the hospital for medical surgery. She later noticed blood on her daughter's underwear and took her for tests where it was confirmed that the daughter was raped. She also alleged that the daughter was not the only sexually abused person as their neighbour's 4 year old was also sexually abused?

Read the full story below

Good Morning Everyone
Kindly Read through the letter Above for the full information.

One of my big Aunty visited us on Saturday and before she could narrate what had happend, tears was rolling down her eyes.We gave her a break to get hold of herself and she narrated the whole story to us.
The first word she altered was " i want JUSTICE. Her daugher of 12 years was raped by her Neighbour of 40 years plus.
You are wondering how it happend?
Her last child Abdullai was at "Randle Hospital" getting ready for his Surgery hence the hospital has been her home for that period.Seeing blood on her daughter's pant to questioning her daughter, to doing test and finding out he penetrated her. THIS IS SO SAD
And she also found out this same man did the same thing to a 4 year old within her neighborhood.

This whole Rape case happend in November this Rapist is still feeling fly around the Neighborhood when he is supposed to be in jail asking God for Forgiveness.You are wondering why right ? He seems to know his way around the police involved in this case,the police are claiming they have not received the test result from the Hospital But my Aunty found out the test result was sent to the police three days after. SO WE KNOW NOW SOMETHING IS FISHY

His case has been adjourned to Jan 25, 2018 and My Aunty just want Justice for her little girl. This man raped a little girl before and he would rape again if he goes UNPUNISHED.

The RAPIST name on facebook : Tony Idisi.

My Aunty phone Number if you need to ask her Anything regarding this Rape Case :08137308717
I told her there is Power in Using " Social Media". Tony Idisi whoever he is bribing would be brought to Shame
Please tag every one who needs to see this. JUSTICE IS WHAT SHE WANTS.
Please Repost and tag friends also. "SOCIAL MEDIA IS POWER". The rapist is on facebook. Please help repost on facebook also.

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