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Thursday, 4 January 2018

5 Reasons and Benefits of keeping Natural hair

For the past few weeks my phone has been bursting with calls, emails and even text messages. So due to popular demand, I have finally decided to write about this. So read and share. For all the ladies who are keeping their natural hair, kudos to you. And if you are not yet keeping your hair natural, here are reasons and benefits why you should join in keeping your hair natural. 

   Keeping Natural hair is cheaper 

Styling Natural Hair is More Economical.
Many Black women young, Adult and Old spend much of their hard-earned money on maintaining their relaxed hair. Every Month or even weekly they go to the salon for maintenance to minimize damage and this can be very expensive. 

Now the good news is that the very moment you decides to go natural, you will no longer need to visit a stylist as often as you do with relaxed hair, because it will be much easier to care for your own hair.

  Keeping Natural Hair is Healthier 

Another reason you should go natural is because natural hair is stronger, extra durable, more nutrient-rich, sheds less and grows faster and with greater ease compared to relaxed hair. Relaxing your hair eventually fry the hair and damage the roots, which can cause alopecia commonly known as baldness, hair breakage, stunted hair growth, and even permanent hair loss.

    Various Hair Styles are open for You 

Some people think that natural hair has only a limited number of styling options; well, that's not true. The truth is that, as natural Black hair grows, there are different style choices with each inch gained.

Women keeping natural hair can start with small Afro, by the time it reaches 3 inches or more, style choices increase, including twists and coils. When a woman has natural hair, there is no need to chemically alter it to wear any hairstyle. She can wear braids, rock an Afro, straighten it or keep it kinky – the sky is the limit.

Keeping natural hair is beautiful. So What are you still waiting for, join the league of black women already and start rocking your natural hair.

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