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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal fans mourn

For time immemorial now, Arsenal football Club supporters has demonstrated through placards, online protest and even at times boycotting Arsenal matches. 

All These they have done because they wanted a change of manager. Arsenal fans are fed up with Arsene Wenger style of football coaching and they no longer believe in his craft. 

However, Arsenal fans are sad and disappointed after the Coach revealed that he's going nowhere next season. When asked on Friday whether he could walk away this summer, he responded: ‘Will I be here next season? My contract clarifies that. Have I ever walked away (from a contract)? Never. Why should I change?’

With the above statements, it shows that Arsenal fans can't do away with Arsene Wenger just yet. They still have more time to bear with him. This is indeed enough reasons for the club football lovers to be unhappy. What a life! 

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