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Monday, 22 January 2018

Bitcoin Is The Most Popular Word In Russia

According to a new survey, more than 50% of Russians have knowledges of Bitcoin. The awarness is higher among the younger folk and in major cities.Thanks to the 185,000 publications talking about digital currencies in Moscow, three quarter of Muscovites are confident of their knowledge of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to Medialogia, the number of Bitcoin related publications have jumped to more than 185,000, with changing rates, record highs and the increasing number of Bitcoin billonaires have been published.

Биткоин“ (bitcoin)  has become the most used word in the Russian social media space, with it appearing in 6,543,800 posts. Блокчейн” (Blockchain) another Bitcoin related word sits gracefully on the second position of the Russian social media vocabulary. The Russian word for cryptocurrency, mining, Ethereum managed to cross the top 10 position. ICO just sits a little below 10; at 11.

The digital currency is best known to them as an asset. 40% of Russians see it as a means of trading; for buying and selling goods and services. Then,the question of Bitcoin's security is what divides the Russians, 36% feel it is difficult to steal the currency, and another 33% of the sample feel it it easy to do so.

The Russians do not generally see Bitcoin as a means of Investment, with 67% considering spending Rubles on Bitcoin unprofitable, and only 9% reckon that they will buy the digital currency in future

With the way the trend is going, Housewives may soon know more about digital currecies than their husbands.

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What are your thoughts? What future do you think the Digital Currency; Bitcoin has in Russia, with the present statistics?

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