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Saturday, 6 January 2018

BREAKING : Antonio Conte banned from football

The Italian manager, Antonio Conte, is facing a ban from football  following an inquiry into match-fixing in Italy.

Image of Conte

Conte was accused by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) of failing to report alleged match-fixing involving Siena when he managed them in the 2010-11 Serie B season.

If you have been following football since the dawn of the millennium, the above lines may seem familiar. 

Though many years has passed and Conte is now enjoying life as Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho brought back Conte's sour past. 

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Speaking after the game against Derby County in response to Conte's comment about his mental health, he said:
"The only thing I want to say to end the story is that yes, I made mistakes in the past on the touchline.
"Yes, I will make less, but I think I will still make a few. What never happened to me and will never happen is to be suspended for match-fixing.
"That never happened to me and will never happen."
We keep our fingers crossed awaiting Conte's response but till then,
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