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Monday, 22 January 2018

Check Out The Most Hated Cryptocurrencies

Trend analysis have revealed the most hated and least hated cryptocurrency in the social media space, and yeah, the most hated will definitely shake you.

For investors trying to predict market movements by analysis, Social analysis has proven helpful. Social analysis tends to get the sentiment of the general public towards cryptocurrencies in social media like Twitter.

Yeah, as ye know,Thy Social Media-Twitter art full of oodles of bots(did I get that right?), malevolent bots, spam messaging bots, and interestingly, nifty,useful bots.Watson's Reports bots is a bot that gives hourly details on what Twitter users are saying about Cryptocurrencies.
It also analyses the cryptocurrencies getting negative or positive comments.
Watson's Bots

Bitcoin leads the pack with over 3000 mentions,Waves gets 1491 mentions, Ethereum 1407, and Ripple,1030. Just behind them are cryptos like Litecoin, neo, verge and the likes. Now, while our dear Bitcoin sits like a king, the other digital currencies come in and exit the top 10 only when there's something about them in the news.

Now, to the negative sentiments part,Bitcoin has the highest negative comments hourly at 11.5%, and that should come as no surprise since Bitcoin sits on them all. (Better Hated Than Ignored).
The most positively mentioned Cryptocoins are sia (20.6%), ZClassic(19.5%) and Digibite(18.7%). Ubiq and Stellar sit on 4th and 5th position respectively.

Now, back to negativity(yeah, said it!) Ethereum hovers below BTC at 6.1%, Litecoin grabs Third at 5.3%, Bitcoin Cash (4.9%) and Tenx (4.6%).Now, don't forget, these are hourly updates with many of the, save for Bitcoin, trading places on negativity.

There are whole lots of Bots out there giving different analysis, so whether investors consider these before investing is their decision. But one thing we do know is that they still ahve to apply intuition and gut instinct and no bot can do that for them.

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What are your thoughts? Does Bitcoin deserve  place in the Most Hated category? What do you think people have against the Beloved Bitcoin? Please drop those comments in the comments section and your email in the subscription list for fresh news, crypto or what have you.
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