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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How To Know If A Woman Is Pregnant Or 'Has Belle'

Hey guys, if you're here because you suspect your wife or girlfriend is pregnant, just don't worry the post isn't for you. But if you're here because your wife or girlfriend is pregnant, Read ON!

*A woman who is Pregnant knows her husband, A woman who has belle doesn't. Stay Woke!

*A pregnant woman wants everyone to know she's heavy even social media, the one who they gave belle, will cover her pregnancy with Oshuka if possible. Be watchful!

* A pregnant woman's man is her husband or Fiance, the one that has belle, is always her boyfriend or she doesn't know. Be Wise!

*A pregnant woman goes to the hospital for ante-natal care, the one who has belle, na God deh save pikin. Watch Out!

* A woman who is pregnant gives birth to a child, the one who has belle, na pikin e born. Investigate!
* A woman who is pregnant is given pregnancy by an Alhaji or her husband, but the one wey get belle, na the Bro for workshop. Be Observant!

*Finally, the most important, a woman gives birth, but they one wey get belle deh sh_t am! Stay Blessed

So are you pregnant or you get belle? Do you know some one who may want to identify, please share the article with them. Infact tag every pregnant woman you know!

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